Sunday, November 25, 2012

Of church and politics

I'm not an Anglican, so I guess most of the turmoil surrounding women Bishops in the Church of England I don't feel personally affects me.  Having said that, I work in an environment where I have heard as many opinions on the subject as were debated at the General Synod.

I'm always reminded that the Church of England came out of King Henry VIII's wish to divorce his wife and marry another.  When the Roman Catholic church would not allow him to, the seed for the Church of England was born.  It wasn't born out of a man who felt inspired by God and nailed his principals to the church door. Nor did it come out of a discussion by men of God as to Baptism and conversion.  It was a political move and politics it seems have remained very much at the heart of things.

The irony of the whole thing - to me at least - is that the Church of England is the state church.  The decision not to allow for women to be ordained as Bishops could lead to a parliamentary motion.  How many denominations can say that the political sphere can influence how they function?

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Promises promises

So I keep promising myself that I will update this blog, write something new, keep it abreast.  It came to mind because my Beloved mentioned coming across this.  I wasn't sure how he did as I couldn't remember telling him about it, but he found it somehow.  Not that I have anything to hide, I was just surprised he found it.

So as not to traverse the bits I've left out, omitted and basically not covered, I'm going to take up where I left off - blab about some of the day-to-day things and encounters.  As it is, I'm currently doing two jobs; one intense and time consuming, the other more laid back. It occurred to me I get paid more for doing less days (but more work) in one job than the other that I do more days but seemingly less work.

Plus I'm going to strike when it comes to other things in my "main" job.  Will go on about that another time, but let's just say sometimes being around is an excuse for laziness on the part of others.  This sister is on strike!

Good thing being back though, because despite the stress that comes with the territory, my time is occupied thankfully now that I'm working.  I'm not sitting around wondering what to do next.  No dragging out tasks to give myself something to do.  And no fighting with the internet.  Despite the weather that makes me long for the dusty hot dryness that is Nigeria, I've actually been able to concentrate on my exercises - if anything the cold weather has geared me up for that.  I started by using some apps on my tablet, then moved on to clips from YouTube (Fitness Blender continues to be my favourite) but moved on to Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred.  In Nigeria I'd be sweating like a chicken even before I got past the warm-up.

My eyes are watering just thinking of this.  First 10 days, manageable.  But have mercy, I am truly beginning to feel shredded.  I'm actually struggling through the exercises but I will persevere, in the hope that I will get over the hump in six days and feel much better.  My biggest disappointment have been the trainers I've been trying to get.  Vivobarefoot, because I might just take up jogging.  If not, they'll go nicely with my Saturday morning Zumba classes.  Ordered a pair and had to return them, but biding my time.

So that's it for now.  More soon.  Keep watching.  And hopefully I'll remember to write.