Wednesday, March 30, 2005

In Living Colour

Sometimes...I can't help myself.

Was over at Val's house, and we got into a conversation about my iriver. She hinted that I should leave it and I said "no way!" the time I completed my stay there I had arranged to sell it to her!

Got home and checked on the site where I bought it, and found that they were doing the colour one for £200 - pretty much a bargain! So I ordered it immediately, and arranged for Val to pick up the other one. Since I knew how to use it, the only thing I removed from the original case was the cover, the iriver and the manual. My problem was that I couldn't find the manual - I looked high and low, no luck. Eventually I did find it on the arm of the chair, underneath a magazine.

The new iriver is fantastic - I put some pictures on it and they are excellent to view. This time around I just put on a few albums, and it gets used just as much as before. BUT...and there had to be one...I can't listen to any of the .wma files I've downloaded. I've downloaded a few, but they won't play on my iriver, so I'm trying to figure out a way around it. Actually I came across some info in a thread on the Microsoft website which said that "play for sure" works in the US but not in Europe. That sucks, especially as the European sites display the "play for sure" logo, and the website says that the iriver should work with it. Val called me recently and told me of a similar problem she's discovered. I suggested burning the album onto CD so that she has a hard copy of it. I'm not sure exactly the way around this, but then again I haven't really been looking have I?

Val came around with the children. I thought it was funny when Jan said "have you got anything for children to play with?" I explained to her that her and her brother were the first children to ever come into my flat! They had a nice time, in fact Val said they were both upset when they were going home and have been asking when are they coming again!

And I have finally got around to moving those boxes of books that have been in the middle of my sitting room floor. A couple of months ago the flat got painted, and the painters moved everything around. I told them not to put the books in the sitting room back as it would be a good excuse for me to finally tidy up. Well, that tidying up took ages, and I packed the books into three cardboard boxes.

On Thursday I took a trip to Wilkinson's and bought two plastic boxes. After faffing around, I unpacked the books, then sorted them into piles according to size. That made it so much easier to put them away, and I was even able to filter out books which belonged to other people which I have acquired along the way. Fortunately I'm still in touch with those people and will return their books...but they probably don't even remember...

Monday, March 28, 2005

Spent Monday at Kew Gardens. This is not the typical view - in fact, don't ask me where this was and what of, I was just following the crowd!