Saturday, September 30, 2006

Starting over

Three weeks ago I started my new job. So far it's been very interesting, with everything being geared up for the return of this year's new intake of students.

Where in my last job there were three or four of us, now there is half the staff, no shift pattern and 5 times the workload. Of course it keeps me busy and I like it...up to a point. When you find yourself going back for the nth time to complete something but never quite getting there because you're always interrupted, it becomes too much. You have to lock the office door and switch off the doorbell just to get some space. Everyone expects things to be done yesterday, not realizing that there is a process you have to complete in order to make it happen.

At least I'm glad I'm only there weekdays and that's it. I finally managed to get my bed up last weekend, recruiting my sister to help hold stuff whilst I screwed everything together. God bless Ikea, they came through in the end. Pity I can't say the same for Parcelforce who delayed the whole thing by their own incompetence. Never trust an automated system! The trick now is getting into bed without hitting my head on the ceiling! My face is about 12" or so away from the ceiling. Fortunately for me there isn't anyone above the area where my bed is located. At first I kept hitting the roof, but now I've learned the art of turning over and around, adjusting my duvet and never touching the ceiling.

And...I realise that by saying what I would like to say, I could bring to an end a great enduring friendship could be the start of something new. But I realise I am not willing to sacrifice our friendship for something else that is not guaranteed. I'd rather stick with the friendship thanks. And I look forward to seeing him again. Is that vague enough for ya? :D

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

New day

So finally BT have gotten my telephone line sorted out. After two weeks.

Having spent over an hour on the phone and being shunted from one customer service rep to another, I was told it would take them over a week (9 days exactly) before they could send an engineer out to look at my line. When the engineer finally came, he said the problem lay with the way the line was switched on remotely; in future I will call for an engineer when changing lines from one place to another.

My neighbourhood is very interesting; I've swapped one football stadium for another (albeit further away). I seem to be close to everything, apart from living between both siblings. On Sunday I decided to walk from home to my sister's place and back - 40 minutes each way, mostly uphill going. I've discovered the recycling bank, the post office, shopped a couple of times at the local supermarkets (but eventually went to Sainsbury's which is a bus ride away).

It's not so hard travelling around, On Monday evening I took one bus after my meeting in Central London and it terminated near home. Yesterday I walked to Holborn and then decided to walk to the beginning of the bus route just to see how long the bus would take to get home.

The local kebab shop does the best kebabs I have ever had in London. And on Monday, I begin a new job.