Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The Happening

Despite having some degree of intuition, there has been many an occasion when I've totally missed the boat!

Last week was a palaver. On Monday, after charging my iRiver baby, I went to the supermarket. Pressed the button and...nothing happened. Tried at intervals, no response whatsoever. By the time I got home I realized that, not only was my player not working, it was overheating as well! So I went upstairs and immediately typed an email to the people I bought it from - fortunately I hadn't deleted the information.

This is how customer service should be!

*Emailed and explained the problem, as well as asking for advice as to the next step
*Company emails returns form with instructions and advises on the procedure
*I fill in the form, prep package for postage the next day

*Send package off by Special delivery (to arrive the following morning)

*Package arrived (Special delivery) with brand new iRiver player!

After that fiasco that took place where it took a month to get a refund, I'm happy to know that in some quarters good service still exists.

There's much more to say about many things...but another time.