Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Moving on up

At first I was beginning to panic, thinking that my reference hadn't found its way to the Estate Agent. Today I got a call that it had arrived, fortunately I had transferred the deposit and rent yesterday. So it looks like I might be on track to receive the keys on Friday.

Thing is I am surrounded by pape, lots of paper which needs to be sorted out. My kitchen is messy, but at least my things have been moved. This weekend I was so grateful that Jane offered to drive the vehicle down South, between her, my brother and myself we managed to take most things to my sister's. Unfortunately, both she and my brother had underestimated how much stuff I would have, even though I told her there were at least 30 boxes, excluding the fridge, freezer, tables and a few other bits and bobs.

Saturday we took a leisurely drive to South London, filled up the tank, and drove back home. In effect, I didn't really need the vehicle for the weekend as we finished by Saturday afternoon, but we couldn't take it back sooner because the vehicle hire company was closed early on Saturday and all day Sunday. And at least we know we could have taken the vehicle on a week day and the Congestion Charge would have been additional to the rental. On Monday morning we took the vehicle back.

My routine post-employment seems to be very much the same; I get up each morning, search and apply for jobs and fill in applications for about three or four hours. Then I go downstairs and do some work (unpaid, will question this with the Directors) Sometimes it takes longer. So far this week I have applied for almost 20 jobs, and so far have only received rejections. At least I have received some response! Last week I was feeling a bit down about the situation, but now I'm quite driven, so I will continue to push on. I was thinking of popping into my local Jobcentre Plus, but I know I will probably see some of my former clients - ah what the heck, I need a job, I ain't ashamed!

Next week I will try another tactic, as calling agencies seems to be of no avail. But this unemployment thing is mind numbing. I sometimes feel like going to see my parents and staying there for a bit, but I doubt the situation will be any better than here. Found my ticket at about £200 less than I saw it a month ago. Time to book methinks.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

No turning back

The die is cast, and my days in my current residence are limited.

I have found a place to live. On Friday I went to the estate agents and paid the deposit for the new place. Next weekend I sign the papers and move in.

Someone said I should have told them as they have recently bought a place. Truth is, I would rather not have to deal with them on that level - they will gain far too much at my expense. I'm planning on staying in my place for a minimum of 6 months, and take it from there. When I was looking for a place many of the options I came across online were unavailable. Now that I've looked, two other flats in my new accommodation will be vacant. In addition, they cost less than mine! Wonder if I'm in a position to negotiate my rent? The good thing is that I have a view of the garden, and I suspect the others don't have as much light (or space) as me.

When I went to see it on Thursday I was impressed by the intercom. I wasn't so impressed when Mark, the agent showing me around, couldn't get the door open afterwards! After a lot of fiddling he managed to jiggle the lock open, then looked at me and smiled "it'll be fixed by the time you move in". I had booked to see another place in the same building on Friday, but cancelled. Ironically, the same estate agents I cancelled my appointment with are the ones who run the contract for my new place! The agents I dealt with work with the other agency and take on some of their surplus.

This weekend is the first part of my big move; have to book the vehicle, got the driver(s), what I really need to do is complete my packing as soon as possible. Including packing away my TV and computer. By leaving those things until the last minute maybe I'm trying to delay having to face the inevitable - my home of 9 years will be no more.