Saturday, November 03, 2007

I know you'll never read this but...

...I love you loads. There, I've said it. You said you want to know how I feel about you, now you know. Do you want me to tell you, and if I told you could you take it or would you run away?

Sometimes I wonder if I never told you how I felt about you months ago, would we be in the situation we're in now. I feel like I'm in a No Man's Land - not sure where I stand but sure there is something there - do I go forwards, backwards or stand still? I don't know. Thing is, it's like the elephant in the middle of the room - we know it's there, but we figure if we don't talk about it that it isn't.

Where do we go from here now? When I say what I say and listen to what you have to say, will that change anything? We will see after this weekend.