Thursday, May 21, 2009

And now, for something completely...

I've been writing in my head but never committing it to anything. So, after eating one of those nice muffins that Ben offered up in a birthday sacrifice, I indulged in the chocolatey icing goodness and soft chocolate centre and thought...why not.

A significant change is on the way. It kind of surprised me, it wasn't expected or not, if that makes sense. Who would have thought that a message would evolve into friendship would evolve into commitment? And yet here we are on the cusp of it.

I was told "women like doing that stuff"; I don't! I have my list of things to do, he has his. I think I've gotten much further along in mine than he has, one problem being that some things on my list he has to do. Fortunately I'm patient - up to a point.

It will be simple; a simple (but elegant) dress, a nice outfit, no bridesmaids, groomsmen, Best Man or Maid of Honour. A trip to the local Registry Office, back home for a shared meal, the weekend away - that's it.

I've told my parents, I've told my siblings, I've told some of my closest friends. I'm asked "why not have it here?" In a phrase - less stress. We plan on going to see my family at Christmas, maybe have a little do then and I know there will be stress involved. For now I delay the inevitable. If we had it here there's no way it would be a "small" affair!

Once that has been completed, then it gets a bit more complicated - the end of one phase, the beginning of another and a lot of logistics involved. But that is for another time. For now I've got 3 months to sort myself out in the way women do when something significant is that body!

While I was on holiday I lost weight doing nothing much. I sat and watched the Catfish swimming. I watched them resting. I spend 45 minutes doing this, it was quite therapeutic. I really miss doing that and I look forward to when I can do it again. However, I'm all too aware that at some point it will become a normal part of my daily life.