Sunday, October 16, 2005


This seems to be a week of questions.

After reading this article, and then I got reading another article Why aren't you a Muslim?, have got me thinking on a number of levels.

I have always been of the opinion that, in order for someone to be qualified to marry me, it would be to someone who wants to be with me, who I respect and who I trust 100%. Trust is an important part in any relationship, if there is no trust, none of the other components stand a chance.

Knowing someone for a period of time allows you to know them from a number of dimensions. An email I received from a friend brought that home to me, and it was heartbreaking to hear that after 16 months her marriage ended. The line that got me was: "he was living in fear that someone...will tell me all about him

As for the other question, what annoyed me is that the white Anglo Saxon perspective is oblivious to the fact that the "West" is no longer Christian. Neither is Christianity a Western religion.

The church has grown most in Africa and South America; the question is perhaps more applicable to those who have had more historical choice of belief systems.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

So amazing

Went to an exhibition today. Unfortunately got there later than planned as I had to sort out an ongoing problem with eBay. Now I've got something else to volunteer for.

These days I miss Oba a lot. It's weird, sometimes I feel like I have to see him...but then again I'm going to enjoy the 'space' while I can; despite talking to him at least twice a day, I miss seeing him and being around him. But then maybe that's not so bad a thing for now, one day it will all end!

I was thinking about what J said about marriage; it's a lot harder than she originally thought. In fact, Ruth has heard the same from a couple of friends, I guess those of us on the outside have a very different perspective of it. I'm under no illusions about expectations and reality, but there are certain things I can't begin to guess about and won't.

Apart from a few close friends and my sister, I haven't mentioned it to many people, and that's deliberate. For now I'm quite happy to take things one day at a time.

Art or something else?

In my great wisdom I've totally forgotten to include the photos taken at Kew Gardens some time ago.

These are some of the Chihuly Exhibition pieces, which I wasn't particularly interested in (ok, if you read back, you'll realize I was forced to take them!)

In the water somewhere, there are also bits of blown glass afloat. We spent some time trying to figure it out, and realised from one of the glasshouse exhibits that they are weighed down!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Ships that pass in the night

A strange (but nice) thing happened on Friday. Earlier in the day I had hoped to make it into central London, but for some reason ended up leaving close to 3pm. En route I noticed about 5 police vehicles, and when I got to the bus stop I could see that the traffic had been diverted. A sign was up saying "Police Collision". If anything, I have to say I really admire the voluntary police who are really high profile. Forgotten what they're called, but they aren't special Constables....ok, the title escapes me for now.

After ignoring the weirdos who were wandering around in the vicinity of the bus stop, my bus eventually turned up. As I get on I ignore the person standing in the aisle, only to look up and realize it was Ruth! She was on her mobile and had got on the bus at the previous bus stop. She also had a wheely suitcase to tote down South and was off shopping - hallelujah, an answer to prayer. That was what I was off to do too!

We wandered around in Evans (boring), and New Look, where I managed to buy a black cotton top. We then parted ways and I went into M&S to see if there was anything else. From there did the usual walk down the entire length of Oxford Street, something I enjoy doing...but not during rush hour.

Today I crossed paths with Oba again. This is the first time we've managed to meet up since that meeting a few weeks back - sadder still, I didn't want it to end. He says that in person I'm very different to the person on the phone, but today it didn't work out that way. I did say at some point the two would "merge" :) Or maybe it was because I had too much chocolate earlier on in the day?